Maybelline Colorama ‘Blackout’

Maybelline Colorama ‘Blackout’ is a polish I bought when I needed a black creme polish that only needed one coat for full coverage. I was recommended Blackout and on the pictures below are only one coat. No top coat. If you look carefully, you will see some VNL on the index and pinky finger, but if I’ll use this one as “underwear” under another polish for layering etc. it won’t be visible.

It’s the best black creme I’ve tried so far and I will stick with this until it dries out. I have other cheap, black creme polishes but they need two coats and are a bit streaky. This one costs 39 SEK and the bottle is 7 ml, great price that is! Sorry for the somewhat messy application.


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One thought on “Maybelline Colorama ‘Blackout’

  1. […] sheer, black base. Below are one thick coat of Chunky Holo Black, I think, over Maybelline’s Blackout. […]

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