H&M Stuck in yellow

The letter Y in my ABC-challenge will be represented by my favourite yellow polish, simply because I don’t own a polish whose name begins with a Y. One has to work with what one’s got!

Here’s H&M’s Stuck In Yellow. I bought it last year for 10 SEK (very cheap!) and I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is, given the low price and the fact that most yellow polishes are really streaky and almost impossible to apply evenly. On the pictures below are two coats of Stuck In Yellow. Base coat is OPI Natural Nail and top coat is Seche Vite. Huge cred to Seche Vite for super quick drying time and for making the polish so much more smooth looking.


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2 thoughts on “H&M Stuck in yellow

  1. Sussie says:

    Oj, det var ett billigt lack, helt klart prisvärt 🙂 Det var en härlig gul nyans tycker jag!

  2. Alexandra says:

    gillar verkligen gula lack! 10 kronor var ju verkligen ett kap! 🙂

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