L’Oreal 612 Green Couture

Hello! Today’s Wednesday and I am super tired. But, a cup of coffee will cheer me up and then it’s time for a walk in the sun. Again. I love this time of year! I really do. Now I’m just tired because I haven’t slept enough. Today I’m participating in Karin‘s Green Wednesday,  and here’s my entry:

L’Oreal’s Color Riche 612 Green Couture (long name!) is a beautiful shade of green. Perfect medium, just yellow enough, green creme polish. It was a bit annoying to paint with though, the brush kind of scraped the previous layer, so that small patches was formed. On the pictures below are two coats of Green Couture and one coat of SV.


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5 thoughts on “L’Oreal 612 Green Couture

  1. Såg din kommentar hos Bambi angående min vinst av Elodie details produkterna. Skulle bara säga tack för peppen, den behövs verkligen. Blev så rörd av det du skrev!


  2. Karin says:

    Väldigt fin nyans! =)

  3. […] Sandra visar en fin gröning, L’Oreal – 612 Green Couture […]

  4. Ann-Sofie says:

    En väldigt snygg grön måste jag säga. 🙂

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