Nordic Cap haul

Hi y’all! Here’s a picture of my old Nordic Cap Star Nails haul. Nordic Cap is a somewhat new, low-price Swedish brand with nail polishes in many different colors. They don’t really have names, only numbers or a code unfortunately, so I’ll try to describe the colors as good as possible and then call them that from now on.

I bought the following:

NP12 – black
NP22 – royal blue / dark blue
NP21 – bright sky blue
NP18 – yellow
NP13 – white
NP01 – clear
NP02 – beige / nude (not in the picture)

Have you tried any of the Nordic Cap polishes? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Nordic cap haul

5 thoughts on “Nordic Cap haul

  1. Emma says:

    Nu är vinnarnamnet publicerat in och se om det var ditt förslag som vann 🙂

  2. Bam says:

    Svarar här så att du ser svaret: där köpte jag dom! Finns på flera ställen på ebay dock.

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but wow that photo is gorgeous!

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