Nordic Cap NP21

Hi! You saw a glimpse of today’s polish yesterday under Unicorn Bath, and today it’s on its own. Here is Nordic Cap Star Nails NP21. Nordic Cap is a Swedish low-price brand. The nail polishes cost 10 SEK and can be found at Willys, Hemköp, Coop Forum etc.

NP21 is a bright blue, darker and a bit more turquoise than your typical sky blue, with fine turquoise shimmer that’s somewhat visible on the nails as well. On the pictures are two coats of NP21 and one coat of Seche Vite. Scent was all right, formula too. Totally worth 10 SEK!

Nordic Cap NP21 pic1wNordic Cap NP21 pic2w

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2 thoughts on “Nordic Cap NP21

  1. Sussie says:

    Detta var snyggt, helt klart värt 10 kr måste man säga! 🙂

  2. Lackycorner says:

    Mycket fin färg och absolut värt en guldpeng.

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