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Depend 2027 Raspberry

Good evening! Or, more correctly; good night. It’s past 2 AM in Sweden right now. Can you say ‘good night’ instead of ‘good evening’ at this hour? Or is ‘good night’ a phrase used only when you’re about to go to sleep?

Anyway, tonight’s polish is Depend’s 2027 Raspberry, a reddish pink scattered holographic polish. This is my entry for Skimmerskuggan’s Holo Friday. On the picture is three coats of Raspberry, no top coat. I also saved the two best looking nails from  Monday’s Water marble experiment.


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Depend nr 313

X! The X-entry for my ABC-challenge is Depend’s 313. A purple polish with tiny green glass flecks in it. Or is it shimmer? Just look at the bottom picture, look at the bottle. So nice! This polish is a part of Depend’s summer collection 2012, and this little baby made almost every Swedish nail polish lover go crazy. Look at it! Unique and available at a low price almost everywhere. Gotta love it! On the pictures below are three coats, but two was almost enough. Seche vite top coat. And sorry about my hair sneaking its way into the pictures. 😉



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Depend 2033 Ocean blue

Hello! Wow, we’re more than halfway through the ABC-challenge! Today’s letter is O, and here’s Depend’s 2033 Ocean Blue for you. It’s from Depend’s holographic collection and it’s a beautilful holographic polish. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sun when I wore this polish, so the pictures aren’t as good as they could’ve been, they don’t do the polish any justice at all. First picture is by the window in daylight, and the secone one is by the same window but with flash. I applied three coats of Ocean Blue, no top coat.

I’m also participating in Linda‘s Blue monday with this polish. Great for us blue-lovers!


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Depend nr 196

Hello dear readers! How are you? I’m good, and I had a great birthday. Also; school started this monday, so I’ve been busy trying to organize everything. It’s been going well so far, so I think I’ll do well this semester. Haha, at least I hope so. It didn’t go that well last semester. Anyway… Nailpolish, was it?

A Swedish nailpolish blogger started Green Wednesday, and this week I’ll actually be able to participate! I rarely participate in these theme days, such as Blue Monday, Holo Friday etc. because I don’t re-paint my nails every day, and I rarely have time to post the nail polish I’m wearing the same day. But today is an exception!

Here’s Depend’s 196, an apple green, or Kermit green, some say Shrek green but I’d say it’s more Kermit-y. It’s from the summer collection 2010, and unfortunately it has become thick and difficult to work with. On the pictures below are two coats of Depend 196 with Seche Vite top coat.



Oh, and sorry for the weird tip wear. Because of the thickness of the Dependpolish, it took longer to dry than I expected, even though I used Seche Vite. So annoying!

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Depend nr 316


Two coats of Depend nr 316. A cool, light purple varnish with mint green shimmer. Too bad the shimmer is more visible in the bottle than on the nails, but I like this fairytale-unicorn-pastel-polish.

First picture is taken indoors with awful background lights. Second picture is taken outdoors and shows a more accurate color.

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