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Nordic Cap haul

Hi y’all! Here’s a picture of my old Nordic Cap Star Nails haul. Nordic Cap is a somewhat new, low-price Swedish brand with nail polishes in many different colors. They don’t really have names, only numbers or a code unfortunately, so I’ll try to describe the colors as good as possible and then call them that from now on.

I bought the following:

NP12 – black
NP22 – royal blue / dark blue
NP21 – bright sky blue
NP18 – yellow
NP13 – white
NP01 – clear
NP02 – beige / nude (not in the picture)

Have you tried any of the Nordic Cap polishes? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Nordic cap haul



OK, fellow polishoholics! I hereby start a no-shopping rule until I’ve published 70 different polishes. So far I’ve published 34 polishes, if I’ve counted them correctly. And I have pictures of over 20 polishes on my computer now, so I’m definitely on my way!

Also, there’s a name change coming up soon… See you later!



Sleepy Elin’s Giveaway

Yaay, Sleepy Elin is celebrating that she has 50 followers on Bloglovin with this amazing giveaway. She’s one of many excellent Swedish nail polish bloggers I follow, be sure to check her out!


Boyfriend’s Choice I

Okay! So my boyfriend got to choose between these three polishes for me to wear:

  •  Rimmel 640 Blue Eyed Girl
  •  H&M Bronze
  •  Depend 191

Which one do you think he chose? (also: please notice my bare nails! Or, well, I’m wearing base coat)


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