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Project 10 pan

I’ve decided to accept the “Project 10 pan”-challenge. The thing you do is that you finish 10 products, whether it’s make-up products only (here it’s enough just to “hit pan”, you know use the product enough until you see the metal at the bottom), or just any products like I’m doing. And when you’ve finished your 10 products, or pans, you’re allowed to buy new stuff!

You can easily adjust this challenge to your own level. A 5 pan project is better than a no pan project. I’ve been doing this for a while, hence being able to show you 10 empty pans this soon, and it has been really good for me and my wallet. If we all try to consume less,  it will have a positive impact on the environment as well.

The products I finished are, from left to right:

  • Änglamark schampoo
  • Rexona Maximum Protection deodorant
  • Eilas läppsalva / lip balm
  • Ricinolja 500 ml from Crearome
  • Mini Clinique High Impact mascara
  • IsaDora Big Bold mascara
  • Batiste dry schampoo
  • Gripen nail polish remover
  • ACO fysiologiskt ögonvatten (eye rinsing liquid)

And one more thing that I gave away. Yeah, my 10 pan project is quite liberal. I include things I give away to my friends and such. Like, why not? If the product’s still good and I don’t want it, why not give it away to someone who wants it? Once a product is bought, it is much better to give it away than just throwing it away. Even though the very best thing would have been not buying the product at all. I can’t remember what I gave away though… Oh well.

So… Project 10 pan. Ready, set, go! Who’s with me?


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