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Gina Tricot Zinfandel

Yaaay! We’re finally at the end of the ABC-challenge. Today’s letter is Z, and today’s polish is Gina Tricot’s Zinfandel. Gina Tricot is a Swedish clothes store who started selling their own collection of nail polishes hmm last year, maybe? Or was it in 2011?

Anyway, Zinfandel is a beautiful burgundy, sort of a dark red color with a little brown in it. Creme finish, smooth application. Below are two coats of Zinfandel with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. Unfortunately it stained a lot when removing it, and I had to go over my nails an extra time with a cotton pad and nail polish remover. That’s too bad. But since it’s so pigmented, maybe it will work well as a stamping polish? I’ll try that some day.

Thank you for joining me during my ABC-challenge! I will now take a break from challenges who are as long as this one, and I’ll also start writing in both Swedish and English. Enjoy!

Nah, I’ll keep writing in English. I need to practice.


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H&M Stuck in yellow

The letter Y in my ABC-challenge will be represented by my favourite yellow polish, simply because I don’t own a polish whose name begins with a Y. One has to work with what one’s got!

Here’s H&M’s Stuck In Yellow. I bought it last year for 10 SEK (very cheap!) and I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is, given the low price and the fact that most yellow polishes are really streaky and almost impossible to apply evenly. On the pictures below are two coats of Stuck In Yellow. Base coat is OPI Natural Nail and top coat is Seche Vite. Huge cred to Seche Vite for super quick drying time and for making the polish so much more smooth looking.


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Depend nr 313

X! The X-entry for my ABC-challenge is Depend’s 313. A purple polish with tiny green glass flecks in it. Or is it shimmer? Just look at the bottom picture, look at the bottle. So nice! This polish is a part of Depend’s summer collection 2012, and this little baby made almost every Swedish nail polish lover go crazy. Look at it! Unique and available at a low price almost everywhere. Gotta love it! On the pictures below are three coats, but two was almost enough. Seche vite top coat. And sorry about my hair sneaking its way into the pictures. 😉



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Blue water marble

Good evening! This is the result of my first attempt to water marble. And this is also the W-entry in my ABC-challenge.  I’m not happy with it, but I’ll definitely try water marbeling again!


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Vine nail art

Good morning! Sorry, this was supposed to be published yesterday. Here’s my entry to LeLack‘s nail art Sunday, and I managed to time it with my ABC-challenge aswell. So, this is the V-entry too.

I decided to do vines! It didn’t turn out as great on my nails as it looked in my head, but it was fun and I got to practice using my dotting tool. The pink base is Mavala Toulouse (should not have had a pink base with purple grapes…), the purple polish is H&M Neon purple and the green polish is L’Oreal’s 612 Green couture.

PICT1751 - Kopia

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OPI DS Extravagance

Good evening! For the letter U, I decided to show you OPI’s DS Extravagance. The letter U stands for Unique, since I don’t have anything like this in my collection, and I thought for a long time that it was a one of a kind. But then I saw some polishes, quite new ones, that were quite similar. It’s also Holo friday at Skimmerskuggan‘s, and this is my entry.


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