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Heaven nail art

Here’s the H-entry in my ABC-challenge. I don’t own a nail polish with a name that starts with an H, or, well.. I didn’t find one in my Chest of rainbows. So… Here’s a sky blue polish I bought in Thailand six or seven years ago. It’s all thick and gloopy and it tells me to find a replacer for it. That I will do, eventually. The clouds are made with a bobby pin and the sun is painted on the nail with a thin nail art brush and a random yellow nail polish.

H was not an inspiring letter. Maybe I should’ve done a “hell” nail art instead? Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe… Horse? Hot? Honey? House? House!! I should’ve painted little houses. They would’ve been more like little cottages though; little cottages in the woods (on my nails). The skyscrapers of New York’s skyline are houses too. Kind of.. I’ll try the skyline nails some other time. Take care!


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