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Gina Tricot Zinfandel

Yaaay! We’re finally at the end of the ABC-challenge. Today’s letter is Z, and today’s polish is Gina Tricot’s Zinfandel. Gina Tricot is a Swedish clothes store who started selling their own collection of nail polishes hmm last year, maybe? Or was it in 2011?

Anyway, Zinfandel is a beautiful burgundy, sort of a dark red color with a little brown in it. Creme finish, smooth application. Below are two coats of Zinfandel with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. Unfortunately it stained a lot when removing it, and I had to go over my nails an extra time with a cotton pad and nail polish remover. That’s too bad. But since it’s so pigmented, maybe it will work well as a stamping polish? I’ll try that some day.

Thank you for joining me during my ABC-challenge! I will now take a break from challenges who are as long as this one, and I’ll also start writing in both Swedish and English. Enjoy!

Nah, I’ll keep writing in English. I need to practice.


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