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China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard

Good evening! Today was a very gray day. Not very summerlike, or perhaps very much just like Swedish summer. Also, my bra bracket is a bit crooked, so it’s constantly poking me. Not very comfortable.

Anywho, here’s today’s polish. It’s a green one, perfect for Green Wednesday at Karin’s, and not just any green one: China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard. It’s a bright neon green polish with shimmer in it. Two coats over white, Seche Vite over that. The bottom picture is more color accurate, while the top picture shows the brightness. The shimmer wasn’t my cup of tea, unfortunately.

The search for the perfect neon green continues!


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Boyfriend’s Choice I

Okay! So my boyfriend got to choose between these three polishes for me to wear:

  •  Rimmel 640 Blue Eyed Girl
  •  H&M Bronze
  •  Depend 191

Which one do you think he chose? (also: please notice my bare nails! Or, well, I’m wearing base coat)


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L’Oreal 612 Green Couture

Hello! Today’s Wednesday and I am super tired. But, a cup of coffee will cheer me up and then it’s time for a walk in the sun. Again. I love this time of year! I really do. Now I’m just tired because I haven’t slept enough. Today I’m participating in Karin‘s Green Wednesday,  and here’s my entry:

L’Oreal’s Color Riche 612 Green Couture (long name!) is a beautiful shade of green. Perfect medium, just yellow enough, green creme polish. It was a bit annoying to paint with though, the brush kind of scraped the previous layer, so that small patches was formed. On the pictures below are two coats of Green Couture and one coat of SV.


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IsaDora 729 Marzipan

Ah… The M-entry. We’ve now halfway through the ABC-challenge. Here’s IsaDora’s Marzipan.  A mint green polish with tiny shimmer particles who are only visible in the bottle. The color is a bit warmer in real life than on my pictures. Two coats of Marzipan, one coat of Seche Vite.


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Depend nr 196

Hello dear readers! How are you? I’m good, and I had a great birthday. Also; school started this monday, so I’ve been busy trying to organize everything. It’s been going well so far, so I think I’ll do well this semester. Haha, at least I hope so. It didn’t go that well last semester. Anyway… Nailpolish, was it?

A Swedish nailpolish blogger started Green Wednesday, and this week I’ll actually be able to participate! I rarely participate in these theme days, such as Blue Monday, Holo Friday etc. because I don’t re-paint my nails every day, and I rarely have time to post the nail polish I’m wearing the same day. But today is an exception!

Here’s Depend’s 196, an apple green, or Kermit green, some say Shrek green but I’d say it’s more Kermit-y. It’s from the summer collection 2010, and unfortunately it has become thick and difficult to work with. On the pictures below are two coats of Depend 196 with Seche Vite top coat.



Oh, and sorry for the weird tip wear. Because of the thickness of the Dependpolish, it took longer to dry than I expected, even though I used Seche Vite. So annoying!

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H&M Envy Me

The ABC-challenge continues with the letter E! H&M’s Envy Me is another one of my go-to-polishes. A great, deep green with amazing shimmer. Here’s one coat of Envy Me, no top coat.


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