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Valentine’s Day nails

A couple of weeks after the actual Valentine’s Day, yes I know, but today I’ll show you my Valentine’s Day mani. Two coats of L’Oreal’s 304 Spicy Orange, topped off with two coats of OPI’s Nothin’ mousie ’bout it and one coat of Seche Vite. I really like the little hearts, they’re adorable. Today’s also Pink thursday at PrincessEmma’s, check out more pink manicures here!

My boyfriend was a bit rude though, he said “It’s already chipped.” And I was like “Oh nooo, they’re little hearts!!! Don’t you say that!” So much for trying to be cute on Valentine’s Day… 😉


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OPI Nothin’ mousie ’bout it

Good morning! Here’s the N-entry for my ABC-challenge. That’s right, I’m still doing that. And I’m starting to get tired of it. Anyway, today I have OPI’s Nothin’ mousie ’bout it to show you. It’s from OPI’s Minnie Mouse collection and it’s a polish best used for layering. The base is pink and very sheer, and it has tons of tiny yellow, blue and pink flakes. Beautiful! On the picture belot are two coats, possibly one, but I think it’s two, over white, black and just a base coat.


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