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FNUG Psychedelic

Today’s polish is an amazing holographic polish. Perfect for Skimmerskuggan‘s Holo Friday. Here’s FNUG Psychedelic. A silver holographic polish with fine linear rainbows. The pictures are taken outdoors (in March, sorry for the delay ^^) during a very sunny day. On the pictures below are one coat of FNUG Aqua Fix Base Coat, two coats of FNUG Psychedelic, no top coat. Images are clickable.

FNUG Psychedelic 1FNUG Psychedelic 2FNUG Psychedelic 3

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Depend 2027 Raspberry

Good evening! Or, more correctly; good night. It’s past 2 AM in Sweden right now. Can you say ‘good night’ instead of ‘good evening’ at this hour? Or is ‘good night’ a phrase used only when you’re about to go to sleep?

Anyway, tonight’s polish is Depend’s 2027 Raspberry, a reddish pink scattered holographic polish. This is my entry for Skimmerskuggan’s Holo Friday. On the picture is three coats of Raspberry, no top coat. I also saved the two best looking nails from  Monday’s Water marble experiment.


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OPI DS Extravagance

Good evening! For the letter U, I decided to show you OPI’s DS Extravagance. The letter U stands for Unique, since I don’t have anything like this in my collection, and I thought for a long time that it was a one of a kind. But then I saw some polishes, quite new ones, that were quite similar. It’s also Holo friday at Skimmerskuggan‘s, and this is my entry.


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Depend 2033 Ocean blue

Hello! Wow, we’re more than halfway through the ABC-challenge! Today’s letter is O, and here’s Depend’s 2033 Ocean Blue for you. It’s from Depend’s holographic collection and it’s a beautilful holographic polish. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sun when I wore this polish, so the pictures aren’t as good as they could’ve been, they don’t do the polish any justice at all. First picture is by the window in daylight, and the secone one is by the same window but with flash. I applied three coats of Ocean Blue, no top coat.

I’m also participating in Linda‘s Blue monday with this polish. Great for us blue-lovers!


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