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IN2IT Storm

Here’s the I-entry for my ABC-challenge. I was also a difficult letter. I thought about iridescence, and ended up choosing IN2IT:s Storm. Storm may be classed as duochrome instead of an iridescent polish, but it’s beautiful anyway. I bought it in Thailand six years ago and I haven’t used much at all. It’s really pretty but not my type of polish. On the pictures below are two coats of Storm over one coat of Maybelline Colorama Blackout. Seche Vite top coat.



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H&M Confetti Time

Here’s C represented, in my ABC-challenge. H&M’s Confetti Time is a glitter nail polish with a clear base and the glitters are of all kinds of different colors and shapes and sizes. Large gold, blue and pink hexagonal glitters, small hexa bronze glitters and tiny gold glitters too. You name it, I love it! Here’s two, maybe three coats of Confetti Time over some random black nail polish. Sorry ’bout the tipwear btw.


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Simple Christmas “trees”

Here’s a simple Christmas manicure. I used: green, silver, red and yellow nail polish, a thin brush and a bobby pin.

Start by painting all of your nails green. Then paint thin silver lines. The silver lines will be your “glitter”.


Then use your bobby pin to create red and yellow dots.


And you’re done! You now have Christmas tree-inspired nails.

Happy holidays!

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