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Mavala Satin

Hi. Today’s polish is what I thought would be a good candidate for The Perfect Red Shimmer Polish. Mavala – Satin is really beautiful in the bottle, a warm satin-like red color with a little hint of gold in it. But it kind of falls flat on the nail.

These are really old pictures. From February this year. On the pictures are (basecoat), two coats of Satin and Seche Vite. I think.

I’m still searching for the perfect red shimmer polish. Any suggestions? 🙂


Svenska: Hej! Idag visar jag Mavalas Satin. Det är jättefint i flaskan, så jag trodde att det skulle vara en bra kandidat till Det Perfekta Röda Skimmerlacket, men icke. Det antar en mycket kallare ton väl på nageln och jag gillar det inte. Synd. Två lager på bilderna.

Någon som har något förslag på det perfekta röda skimmerlacket? 🙂


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Gina Tricot Zinfandel

Yaaay! We’re finally at the end of the ABC-challenge. Today’s letter is Z, and today’s polish is Gina Tricot’s Zinfandel. Gina Tricot is a Swedish clothes store who started selling their own collection of nail polishes hmm last year, maybe? Or was it in 2011?

Anyway, Zinfandel is a beautiful burgundy, sort of a dark red color with a little brown in it. Creme finish, smooth application. Below are two coats of Zinfandel with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. Unfortunately it stained a lot when removing it, and I had to go over my nails an extra time with a cotton pad and nail polish remover. That’s too bad. But since it’s so pigmented, maybe it will work well as a stamping polish? I’ll try that some day.

Thank you for joining me during my ABC-challenge! I will now take a break from challenges who are as long as this one, and I’ll also start writing in both Swedish and English. Enjoy!

Nah, I’ll keep writing in English. I need to practice.


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Mavala Juicy

Here’s the J-entry for my ABC-challenge. It’s a polish I bought back in 2006, and originally, I only bought it for its name. But then it turned out to be the perfect tomato red color and I have loved it ever since. The light was terrible when I took the pictures of it though, so I’ll only show you one picture. Here’s two coats of Mavala’s Juicy with Seche Vite top coat.


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Maybelline Deep Red

Here’s my D-entry for the ABC-challenge. Maybelline Forever Strong PRO in ‘Deep Red’. It’s a great red creme! Only one coat is needed. One of my go-to-polishes. Works with almost everything.

Here’s one coat of Deep Red, no top coat.


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Essie Lollipop


Two coats of Essie Lollipop (mini bottle). A cool red varnish with a jelly finish that I haven’t gotten used to yet.  Could trade this.

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