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FNUG Psychedelic

Today’s polish is an amazing holographic polish. Perfect for Skimmerskuggan‘s Holo Friday. Here’s FNUG Psychedelic. A silver holographic polish with fine linear rainbows. The pictures are taken outdoors (in March, sorry for the delay ^^) during a very sunny day. On the pictures below are one coat of FNUG Aqua Fix Base Coat, two coats of FNUG Psychedelic, no top coat. Images are clickable.

FNUG Psychedelic 1FNUG Psychedelic 2FNUG Psychedelic 3

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IsaDora 750 Polar Nights

Good afternoon! Or.. good lunchtime. Uuuuhhh, it’s so grey and boring outside today. It makes me so tired. I’ll cheer myself up with a cup of coffee, Clapton, and today’s nail polish. We’ve now reached the letter P in my ABC-challenge, and here’s IsaDora’s Polar Nights for us to enjoy. 

This polish made my camera go crazy. Half of the pictures I took turned out warm, like the first two below, and the other half turned out really cold, like the bottom picture. I applied two coats of Polar Nights, and one coat of Seche Vite. And just look at the glitter madness. I love this polish! Luckily I have a back-up on this one, since there’s actually a risk that I’ll finish this bottle (it’s 6 ml, 0,2 fl oz maybe?) and I might even need a third back-up bottle. Amazing!

PICT1590PICT1605 PICT1607

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Essie Loophole

The L-entry in my ABC-challenge! Essie’s Loophole. One coat on pictures below, no top coat. Two coats would’ve probably been nicer. Drying time is good, so this one’s a polish I tend to wear when I don’t have any inspiration. Silver’s not usually my kind of color, but I do like this one. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because my sister got me this many years ago. Yes, could be..


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