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Happy Hands Afternoon Thunderstorms


Hej, vänner! Här är jag igen; säger hej efter en lång och oplanerad paus. Det har varit mycket med skola, jobb (som man dessutom inte får ha nagellack på), ideella fritidsaktiviteter, etc.

Idag visar jag vackra Happy Hands – Afternoon Thunderstorms som jag fått av Annika i födelsedagspresent. Jag visar just detta lack för att vara med på Helenas initiativ United In Grey.

På bilderna bär jag tre lager av lacket, men jag tyckte nästan att det var snyggare med bara två då det varma guldskimret kom fram mer och framhävde det unika i detta lack.

PICT4428 kopia



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H&M Glitter Nail Polish Blue

HeyO! Today’s polish is a blue one, since it’s Blue monday at Linda’s Nailorama. Here is H&M’s Glitter Nail Polish – Blue. Not the most creative name I’ve seen, but the polish is amazing. It’s bar prismatic glitter in a blue base, and it works both as a layering polish and a build-up glitter polish.

On these pictures are four coats of Blue, but three might have been enough. One coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying time and to smooth out the surface. Removal was easy with the foil method.

HM Glitter Nail Polish Blue 1HM Glitter Nail Polish Blue 2HM Glitter Nail Polish Blue 3

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Darling Diva Polish Unicorn Bath

Hi! Today I’ll show you one of my favorite glitters ever. Here’s Darling Diva Polish’s Unicorn Bath. The name is absolutely suitable. There’s matte white, metallic blue and iridescent silver hexagonal glitters in a baby blue base along with pink shimmer. The base is almost completely sheer though. This was my first time wearing Unicorn Bath and I felt that I did need to fish for the glitters.

Here is two coats of Unicorn Bath over two coats of Nordic Cap NP21. One coat of Seche Vite too. Next time I’ll wear it over a lighter shade of blue. Removal was OK. Ahh, I love this polish!

Unicorn Bath over NP21 pic1WUnicorn Bath over NP21 pic2W

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Darling Diva Polish Invoke the spirit

Good afternoon! Today I have an amazing polish to show you. It’s my very first indie polish, I was super excited to try it, and I was not dissappointed. Here’s Darling Diva Polish Invoke the spirit.  It’s a sheer, dark blue base full of glitter in different shapes and sizes. From large silver stars, green moon crescents, large duochrome hexagonals, to small sheer blue glitters, and GLOW IN THE DARK pigments. Talk about the best introduction to indie polishes! On the pictures below are two coats of Invoke the spirit over two coats of OPI’s Russian Navy. As I said, Invoke the spirit is sheer, so you’ll need underwear, preferably a dark polish. I didn’t have to fish for the large pieces, which was great, but I did have to move them around a bit so they would end up where I wanted. And yes, it does glow in the dark. Amazing.



Hej på er! Åh, det känns så mycket lättare att skriva introduktioner och hälsningsfraser på svenska. Idag är det Blå Måndag hos Linda, och här är mitt bidrag! Det här är mitt första indielack; Darling Diva Polish Invoke the spirit. Det är ett skirt, mörkblått lack med massor av olika glitter och så lyser det i mörkret! På riktigt! Så himla häftigt. På bilderna är det två lager av Invoke över två lager Russian Navy.  Kramar!


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IsaDora 750 Polar Nights

Good afternoon! Or.. good lunchtime. Uuuuhhh, it’s so grey and boring outside today. It makes me so tired. I’ll cheer myself up with a cup of coffee, Clapton, and today’s nail polish. We’ve now reached the letter P in my ABC-challenge, and here’s IsaDora’s Polar Nights for us to enjoy. 

This polish made my camera go crazy. Half of the pictures I took turned out warm, like the first two below, and the other half turned out really cold, like the bottom picture. I applied two coats of Polar Nights, and one coat of Seche Vite. And just look at the glitter madness. I love this polish! Luckily I have a back-up on this one, since there’s actually a risk that I’ll finish this bottle (it’s 6 ml, 0,2 fl oz maybe?) and I might even need a third back-up bottle. Amazing!

PICT1590PICT1605 PICT1607

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Burgundy and bronze gradient

Hi everyone! Today’s Nail art sunday at Lelack and here’s my entry:

I did a gradient with two coats Gina Tricot’s Zinfandel as a base. Then I used a small piece of a make-up sponge and sponged on some of H&M’s Bronze (see picture below). Then I applied one coat of H&M’s Stay Golden (also on picture below), which is different shapes and sizes of gold glitter in a clear base. I then sealed the nail art with one coat of Seche Vite top coat.


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